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How do I view my open orders?
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Open orders and order history are easily viewable using the ‘My Account’ page.

The ‘My Account’ page tab is conveniently located at the top of the Baart homepage just to the right of your login user name.

On the left hand side of the ‘My Account’ page click on the ‘View Order Status’ tab to bring up order specifics.

This screen will default to showing you all your recent orders from the past 30 days.

If you want to look at your order history click on the ‘View Order History’ located just under the search bar on this page.

You will notice the ‘View All Open Orders’ tab to the left of that tab.

Click on that tab to bring up all of the open orders you currently have at Baart.

This page will include the following information about your open orders:

  1. Purchase Order Number
  2. Sales Order Number
  3. Date Entered
  4. Order Status

To help you understand Order Status, your order will appear as one of the following under status:

  1. Ordered - Your order has been successfully placed
  2. Picked - The order is being prepared to ship
  3. Shipped - The order has been shipped and left our building
  4. Invoiced - The order is on its way and we have sent the invoice

If you would like to find out more about a specific order, click on the sales order number listed in the sales order column.

This will take you to the order summary page with all the details for the order listed, including if any of the ordered parts are currently on back order.

At the top left of the Order Summary page, you can find a number of order details but most importantly it will list a tracking number for any orders where this is applicable.

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